male period
When speaking in terms of bleeding, bloating,and cramps, the answer is no. Men do not have a period the same way a woman does.

However , if defining a “period” as a time of hormonal change, then yes, men do have periods. This commonly depends  on if they have a live in girlfriend or a wife. Even men that have girlfriends for more than a couple of months will have what some may consider a “male Period”.

Mother Nature designed us, humans, that is, to procreate to keep up the population. In able to procreate, she gave humans a chemical substance called hormones, estrogen for women and testosterone for men. When the two collide, sparks will fly.

It all depends on whether the man has a good sense of smell. When menstruating, the woman has a smell the male can detect and it puts men in the sexual mood. It’s the same with animals,they go by the smell of the female to know when they are ready to breed. Humans, unfortunately, are animals…some more than others. The smell of the woman in a man’s life, will send them into a “period” of biochemical changes and hormonal fluctuations, brought on by the woman going into her menstrual cycle.As to whether it’s a good or bad mood depends on the man. If he is stressed out due to work, worry, or other stress factors, he will get into a bad mood at just about the same time the woman in his life begins her menstrual cycle.

Of course, it also depends on the couple and how they interact during this time. The more stress the female brings down on the male during her monthly cycle, the worse his “man period” is going to be. When things start to calm down, the male will calm down. However, if you want to save a relationship, it’s important that you understand the chemical changes your body goes through when the women in your life starts her cycle of biochemical changes.

If you are a man that does not have a girlfriend or spouse, then you probably won’t suffer through a monthly cycle, but you will react to those women you meet.They will have a smell to them and it’s not perfume.The male’s sweat glands are also known to induce a similar response in women.

So, do men have periods ?
No, but they do have a monthly cycle that is connected to the female.

A man’s testosterone will go up and down about 4 to 5 times a day, while most women’s estrogen stays the same level for 3 to 4 days. As a man, you can track your “male period” by your moods. As the male testosterone level increases due to a woman’s menstrual cycle , his mood will change.It depends on the type of person the male is as to whether he will be happy or sad, angry or irritated, or just laid back.Just a side note: A man’s testosterone level will be higher in the winter than it will be in the spring. This is being studied to see why it happens.

We would love your input on the subject of guys and periods. If you have something you want to add to the conversation feel free to post a comment. :)

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9 Responses to Do Men Have Periods?

  • I am a massgae therapist, and today, I had a patient say that he does get grouchy and irritable about once a month. He also doesn’t sleep well at this time. Then, after 3 or 4 days, it goes away and he’s fine. I suspected hormones, but I know very little about men’s issues. I’m glad I found this. Thanks!

  • :mrgreen: :mrgreen: i can’t believe men have a monthly cycle for women, if u ask me it kinda sounds funny and silly, i know nobody asked me, but im just giving an opinion :lol: :oops: :razz: :shock: :???: :grin: :lol: :???: :roll: :cry: :lol: hehe :idea: :wink: :cool:

  • Testosterone is essential to a mans health and well-being. During the colder seasons when the body is more frail and prone to injury or illness it would make sence that the body generates additional testosterone to maintain a healthy well-being

  • i wonder when i ‘m at school if thats why this kid keeps flirting with me when i’m on my period :cool: :mrgreen: :eek:

  • I knew it! I’ve been living with my boyfriend for about two months and his mood definitely changes around the time of my menstrual cycle! Thanks for verifying my hypothesis!

  • Im not sure but some days i do seem to be in the mood a little more than usual (most guys are always in the mood )
    but thx for enlightening me :smile:

  • dis iz false. obvisly womin want 2 convinse other ppl that men r liek them lol

  • When I googled “do men have periods” this was exactly what I was after. My bf gets really bad odour when Im “ON” and boy do we fight, especially a day or two beforehand. I thought it was just me who was more mad at this time, not pushing the blame around or anything :) Thank you for the enlightenment.

  • I’ve just sent this by my GF who seems to get an extremely bad period every three months. She gets so moody, aggressive, argumentative etc. She is usually a perfect woman an absolute angel! The reason she sent this to me is because she believes that I have a man period too. It’s funny though because I only seem to get a man periods every three months when she has her extremely bad one…go figure!

    Basically the reason men get more reactive to a woman’s period is because we get less sleep, a moody girlfriend or wife…basically we get the shit end of the deal!

    If another fella talked to us the same way that our GF’s do(on a bad period) we wouldn’t hesitate to knock them out….but of course no we try to be understanding but a week or so of bad attitude is enough to drive any man insane!

    That’s the facts….from a man’s point of view of course!

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